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no way just stop

no way just stop

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is it weird that i’ve been watching youtube videos instead of studying/doing homework/etc yet doing better than i did in first semester? omg joey graceffa is such a cute person. i mean he’s not my type or anything but his personality is just so appealing & i can’t stop watching him play pikmin or marioparty or whatever

when am i ever going to finish physics homework packet, prepare for simple machine presentation, read 1984 & answer the fucking questions, rewrite my squiggly sociology notes, finish history review sheet, and study for SAT/TOEFL-_-

omg i have so much to do i can’t even.

yet here i am, typing my problems away, never even thinking about doing anything to make things better smh i’m the laziest person alive



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jiyeon: But after the another crane encouraged harmed crane, they both flew away.
jihye: wait but that never happened

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